Valarie Sparks
The Power of Social Media:  
In this high-energy session, Valarie Sparks will leave you with mastering the “How To's” of LinkedIn for Personal and Professional Branding:

  • Create an optimized profile that truly answers 'Why Do You Matter?'
  • Control the amount of e-mail you receive from LinkedIn
  • Etiquette 101
  • Do's and Dont's of sending and receiving new connection request invitations
  • Stand-Out among the noise of 300 million members
  • Attract recruiters and appear higher in search with strategic keyword placement within profile
  • Ensure your organization is consistently and professionally branded
  • Continually engage your existing client and referral network to stay top-of-mind for new and repeat business
  • Learn how to utilize the site in reaching out to new potential customers and hiring managers
  • Stay current with when your professional network changes jobs or celebrates a birthday
  • Ensure LinkedIn does not take up too much time - learn to maximize and monitor time spent on the site
  • Ability to adjust privacy settings
  • Ability to ask questions to a leading independent LinkedIn trainer

After a successful 13-year career in corporate operations and sales management, Valarie Sparks has created a Social Sales Training company in which she trains a wide variety of professionals from entrepreneurs, job seekers, and sales professionals how to utilize LinkedIn as a marketing, job seeking, and business development tool. Valarie’s time is spent staying current on new LinkedIn trends and updated features.