Star Bobatoon

"Engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining and impactful"

Those are the words most often used to describe accomplished attorney, dynamic trainer and award-winning speaker Star Bobatoon. 

Star’s background as an employment attorney gives her valuable insight into HR and corporate management issues.  With over a decade of performance on stage, television and the big screen, Star delivers that insight in a high-energy and engaging style that makes a lasting impact on her audiences and clients.

Trained as a motivational speaker by world-renown motivational speaker Les Brown, Star also ran his speaker training program.  As the top selling trainer for a national training company, Star helped corporate audiences all over the country achieve higher standards of personal and professional excellence. 

Star earned her law degree from UCLA Law School and graduated Magna cum Laude from California State University. She gave up practicing law and began her speaking career as an advocate for parents with children with special needs after her own child was diagnosed with a life-altering disease. 

Star also loves helping people enhance their communication and presentation skills to advance their careers, their businesses and their lives.