Shavon Lindley
Shavon Lindley is an award-winning career development and mentorship expert specializing in the advancement of women in typically male dominated fields. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Women Evolution which creates innovative and scalable women’s leadership development solutions for companies such as Intel, CBRE, and Planned Parenthood, and is best known for their Online Mentoring Program.

Shavon hosted “The CEO Show” on ESPN for 3 years where she interviewed over 150 executives, many being Fortune 1000 executive women, and learned the 4 essential components for creating effective women's leadership development programs, discovered exactly what women want and need to move up within an organization and the 6 critical leadership development skills every successful female executive has in common. It is Shavon’s personal mission to share what she has learned with as many people as possible.

A few career highlights include being featured on the front page of Yahoo, producing the largest Mentoring Program ever to exist at a conference for the California Women’s Conference, and granting over 100 scholarships to deserving women in need of leadership development and mentorship.