Maria Silva
Maria Silva is very proud to call Las Vegas home. Her family has lived in Southern Nevada since 1981. Maria's broadcast career spans more than 14 years. A graduate of UNLV, she holds a Bachelors in Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism.

In 1999, Maria became the first anchor/reporter for Univision Las Vegas. After ten years of hard news, she moved on to the lighter side and is now the feature reporter for FOX 5's Lifestyle/Entertainment Show.

Not one to stand on the side-line, she gets involved in the happenings of the community, volunteering at food drives, local parades, charity fundraisers and other events. Having lost her amazing mama to cancer, and as a way to honor her memory, Maria is involved with the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network. She's traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby for cancer research and funding.

Despite her many honors and achievements, Dr. Berry is most proud of becoming the "instant mother" to her sister's four young children. "When you walk with purpose," Berry says, "you collide with destiny!"