Kelsey Humphreys

Kelsey Humphreys is a motivational entertainer, speaker, and bestselling author. You may recognize her as the host and creator of The Kelsey Show, an audio podcast and video series of motivational pep talks, comedy sketches and in-person celebrity interviews with guests like Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Rachael Ray, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dave Ramsey, and more. She has hustled to bring in over 2 million views in less than three years (without an agent, publicist, team, or sanity.)

In her work for publications like  Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Huffington Post, Humphreys takes her 4000+ hours of study on success and personal development and breaks down "success for the rest of us." How do we apply millionaire habits to REAL LIFE - in between sorting loads of laundry, answering emails, and sneaking spoonfuls from the jar of Nutella hidden in the top of the pantry? That's what she's on a mission to answer. When she's not interviewing, recording videos, performing stand up, or auditioning, she's living her best WifeAndMom life in suburbia, mostly trying to figure out meal planning. She aims to get you laughing, keep you moving and make sure that you DO NOT GIVE UP. Catch all her hilarious and motivational content on social media: @TheKelseyShow