Gail Becker
Gail Becker is Chair of Canada, Latin America and the U.S. Western Region for Edelman Communications, the world's largest public relations firm with 63 offices and more than 4,200 employees worldwide, as well as affiliates in more than 30 cities.

Gail joined Edelman as General Manager of the Los Angeles office, which she led for seven years and served as Western Region President for more than eight. Throughout her tenure, she has served as strategic counsel on a broad range of clients including Warner Bros., Starbucks, Microsoft, Norton, Activision, MPAA and The Recording Academy/Grammys.

She joined Edelman after serving as Vice President of Communications at Warner Home Entertainment. Prior to joining Warner, she received a political appointment in the first Clinton administration to serve as Director of Communications for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under Secretary Donna Shalala. She also served on the national press staff for President Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential campaign.

Gail began her career as an on-air broadcast journalist in local news and then as a correspondent in Washington, D.C. She has a degree in political science from the University of California Los Angeles and a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Gail currently serves as Chair of Edelman's Global Women's Executive Network (GWEN) where she is responsible for overseeing the company's effort to increase the number of women at the senior most levels. She served on the board of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and was featured in the book, "Hire Me, Hollywood!"

Gail has directed a short documentary film, "A Journey with Purpose". It follows her young son's trip to Auschwitz with his grandfather, who was a prisoner for four years. The film is part of Facing History,, a non-profit organization that provides supplemental learning materials to schools around the world to combat racism, anti-Semitism and prejudice, and nurturing democracy through education.