David Rabiner

Creating a Culture of Personal Leadership and Growth

What difference would it make if personal leadership -- initiative, accountability, character, and sound decision-making -- was the most obvious quality in your workforce? This program explores what it takes to imbed personal leadership into the fabric of your organization and why doing so is critical to engaging your workforce, retaining your top performers, and achieving strategic objectives.

Practical Leadership: Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

As students of leadership, we all face the same challenging question: How do we close the gap between what we know about leadership and who we are as leaders? How do we become the leaders we want to be? This program explores the obstacles that keep us from excelling at leadership at the behavioral level and provides the necessary tools for overcoming those obstacles. Participants will leave with a plan that will allow them not just to understand what great leadership is, but how to live it. This presentation on the discipline of leadership growth and development is a must-attend event for those who want to take their leadership skills to the next level.

About David Rabiner

David Rabiner is a rare combination of subject-matter expert and humorist. His content-rich presentations help people see how they can have greater influence with others and more control of business and life outcomes.

Participants in his programs discover small changes they can make to achieve better outcomes and have greater influence with others. They leave motivated, inspired, and with real-world tools they will use each day at work and at home.

David Rabiner enjoyed a successful career in radio news broadcasting, in executive-level public service, and as an entrepreneur. In 1993, David founded Rabiner Resources, delivering programs that improve leadership, business results, and individual effectiveness at work. In 2003, David passed rigorous standards to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation, the international benchmark for speaking excellence. This designation is held by the top 10% of speakers worldwide.

A graduate of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University, David has presented over 2,000 programs in 45 states and twelve countries. He combines the captivating style of a great speaker with a deep understanding of what it takes to learn. David's funny and down-to-earth presentation style helps people visualize and grasp the topic and motivates them to make the changes necessary to keep pace, stay balanced, and succeed.