Adrianne Haslet
Adrianne Haslet: Boston Marathon bombing survivor, philanthropist, advocate and inspirational speaker and now, Boston Marathon runner and finisher.

Adrianne Haslet survived the unimaginable bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon where she lost her left leg below the knee. She quickly rose to meet her daily challenges head on with a unique perspective. Being a full time professional ballroom dancer at the peak of her career, she had to learn an entirely new meaning of the word “patience.” In the wake of the marathon, she became an inspiration through her positive attitude and infectious smile. She has since returned to the dance floor and faced the challenge of re-learning head on. On April 18, 2016, she ran her first Boston Marathon with her #AdrianneStrong team. After nearly 10 ½ hours on the course, she crossed the finish line.

Adrianne always hoped her emotional honesty can serve as an example to others looking to overcome adversity in their own lives. She inspired John Hancock corporate runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon, the Merrill Lynch corporate meeting, TED Talks in Vancouver, and had spoken alongside Vice President Biden and many others. In 2013, she accepted a Med Star Gala Victory Award in Washington, D.C. and was honored with her first responders at the 2013 Schwartz Center Gala in Boston. She was named one of Cosmo’s Most Powerful Women and received the 2014 On Cue Tribute Award. She has been one of the highlighted speakers on tour for Klick Health “MUSE” as well as an Ambassador for Limbs for Life. Adrianne was also featured in the docu-series The Survivor Diaries with Anderson Cooper that detailed her first year after the marathon.

She was one of the Oberto Beef Jerky’s “Heroes of Summer” of 2015 where she danced across the Boston Marathon Finish Line two years after the bombings. She placed first at the Commonwealth Dance Competition, where she danced on a regular prosthetic, and then premiered her dancing to the world via TEDxBeaconStreet. At that event, she also spoke on the topic everyone faces, which is visiting someone in the hospital. She has also taken a stand for amputees across the U.S. by speaking out in Congress and at the DME MAC public meeting against a recent Medicare proposed act that could have had a negative impact for over 2 million US amputees. The White House was listening and ruled that they will not allow prosthetics to be viewed as a luxury. Adrianne’s work with Limbs for Life helps provide prosthetic care to individuals who cannot afford it. She also works with The Amputee Coalition to help empower amputees to achieve their fullest potential through education and support.

Adrianne’s quote, “I let the space between where I am and where I need to be inspire me” rings true for everyone struggling with something in their own lives and has become recognized worldwide. She has many things to come.