The MGM Resorts Foundation

The MGM Resorts Foundation was established in 2002 as an engagement opportunity for employees to contribute to important charitable causes. Since inception, the Foundation has raised over $80 million and supported more than 1,500 charitable organizations in U.S. communities and locations where MGM conducts business. In 2019, the foundation disbursed $3.1 million in community grants and $1.8M to charities designated by employees.

MGM Resorts International assumes all of the Foundation’s administrative costs so that 100 percent of employee donations reach the community causes chosen by employees.

The MGM Resorts Foundation has two forms of grants; the Employee Emergency Grant benefiting MGM Resorts employees, and the Community Grant benefiting local communities. Both grant programs have an application process to request funding and all decisions are made by employees. The Foundation is governed by a board made up of five MGM Resorts employees.

Employee Emergency Grant and Children's Medical Support Fund

The Employee Emergency Grant (EEG) & Children's Medical Support Fund comprise funding allocated to support employees in times of an emergency. It is designed to provide employees and immediate families with short-term assistance during unexpected hardships. The Fund is supported by employee contributions. In 2019, the EEG disbursed approximately $520,000 to employees in need.

On March 23, 2020, MGM announced a $1 million COVID-19 disaster relief gift into the MGM Foundation to support emergencies or hardships encountered by employees (current, recently separated, furloughed and on-call colleagues are included) and their immediate families. Grants are used to cover hardship expenses such as food or clothing assistance, temporary housing, support in paying rent, mortgages or utilities, or for medical or hospital bill payments.