At MGM Resorts International our community engagement is organized around three key programs: our employee workplace giving through The MGM Resorts Foundation, employee volunteerism and our corporate giving program. Through these channels we advance almost every aspect of life in our host communities and beyond in our nation. A substantial portion of our employee and company donations target and serve diverse clients and community segments. Our volunteerism fosters leadership development, team collaboration and excellence in our employees as they serve our communities.

The MGM Resorts Foundation is a 501(c) (3) entity that makes giving easy and convenient year-round for our 78,000 employees. Employee contributions provide 100 percent of the Foundation's funding for individual nonprofit designations or grants selected entirely by our employees. The MGM Resorts Company pays all of the Foundation's administrative costs, so that 100 percent of our employees' donations reach the community causes they choose.

Since its creation in 2002, the Foundation has raised more than $74.7 million and supported more than 1,565 charitable organizations in the domestic U.S. communities where MGM Resorts International does business.

Through our Foundation program, an employee may make either a lump-sum gift or payroll deduction contribution to the Foundation, which will then distribute the donation to one or more bona fide nonprofit organization(s) of his/her choice. In lieu of directing his/her gift to a nonprofit agency, an employee may direct a contribution to the Foundation's Community Grant fund. Our Community Grant Fund Councils – comprised of employees in Southern Nevada, Michigan, Maryland (DC,MD,VA) and Mississippi – annually distribute monies from this fund to their respective local nonprofit agencies based on a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process. An employee may apportion his/her Foundation contribution among one or more nonprofit organizations and the Community Grant Fund.

In addition to disbursement of individual employee contributions and grants, the Foundation collects and distributes donations by third party non-employees to support charitable, scientific, literary, religious and educational activities approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors and organized by the MGM Resorts employees to benefit qualified nonprofit charitable organizations designated by the Board. The Foundation sponsors our annual Women's Leadership Conference under these auspices.